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Legal Services

Our firm provides the full range of I.P. services. Please see our “List of Services (link in the right margin of this page) for a brief description of these services.

With respect to our fee policy, we would emphasize in particular that we normally provide services on a fixed (or closed) quotation ; only exceptionally do we charge on a time basis. Please contact us to obtain our fee schedule and/or a quotation for a specific matter.


  • Fee quotations: fixed price (most matters) or on a time basis (exceptionally)
  • Advice with respect to the different types of protection available (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, etc.)
  • Periodic audit reports (status and evaluation) of trademark portfolios and/or other
  • Intellectual Property (I.P.) assets
  • Advice with respect to overall strategies to protect, exploit and defend I.P. assets at national and international levels
  • Proposals to resolve conflicts (including through litigation), with risk analysis and evaluation of possibilities of success

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  • Negotiation and draft of settlement agreements
  • Civil and criminal litigation in defense of I.P. rights (including domain names)
  • Alternative dispute resolution: arbitration and mediation
  • Anti-counterfeiting (anti-piracy) measures at customs control
  • Licensing and technology transfer agreements

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  • Trademark searches (pre-application) at any applicable level; analysis of possibilities for registration based on results of search
  • Preparation and filing of national, Community and International trademark applications
  • Prosecution and administrative defense of applications including answers to official objections and third party oppositions
  • Trademark "vigilance" and maintenance including opposition to third party applications
  • Negotiation of coexistence agreements and other conflict resolution proposals
  • Infringement and use (or non-use) investigations
  • Portfolio management (i.e., overall strategy to protect, exploit and defend trademark portfolio)
  • Valuation and sale of trademarks
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignments, name changes, amendment of rights

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  • Advice and tips on how to protect an invention
  • Preliminary searches on the state of the art
  • Draft of patent applications
  • Filing and prosecution of national, European and International patents
  • Maintenance fees
  • Patents survey
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignment, changes of name, amendment of rights
  • Technical translations

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  • Filing and prosecution of national, European and International designs
  • Administrative appeals against third parties and official objections
  • Survey and maintenance of designs
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignment, changes of name, amendment of rights

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  • Registration of artistic works before the Intellectual Property Registry
  • Copyright licensing and exploitation agreements
  • Advice with respect to copyright infringements
  • Litigation and alternative conflict resolution

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  • Compliance with L.O.P.D.
  • Compliance with the duty of information
  • Personal data registration
  • Safety measures
  • Avoid administrative sanctions

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  • Advice on domain name selection, acquisition and maintenance
  • Negotiation and acquisition of conflicting domain names
  • Domain name disputes before national and international arbitration Courts
  • Legal website audits

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